Sometimes I recognise myself in others.

I recognise myself in those who endure.

friends who will shelter me

flying creatures of beauty and other 

bums and vagrants

who walk the earth and continue walking

just as the stars will continue in the night

and the waves in the sea.


Then, when I recognise myself in them,

I am in the air, coming to know myself as 

part of the wind.


Eduardo Galeano, The Book of Embraces

On the occasion of maraa completing ten years,unedited, unadulterated and open for interpretation, we present air. When you look skywards, it always looks larger than all of us put together. There is hawa, there is gaali. An opportunity to look back at the decade of maraa and everything we have worked on, failed and realised, through a process of dreaming and searching. The journey of maraa has been absorptive – of the pathos, rage, joy and sorrow around us. We turn ten in climates, where ideas are contained in handcuffs, identities are cause for murder, land is occupied territory and cultures are systematically infected.

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