Art in Public Space: Toward a Critical Re-imagining

In collaboration with Primary (Nottingham) we organised an intensive four-day Lab on Art in Public Space, bringing together collectives from across India who work creatively in public space for in-depth sharing of practice, reflection and critical conversation around the politics of arts practice in public space, and the challenges and possibilities of working in this realm. This lab explored the themes of imagination, inheritance, borders and boundaries in relation to art practice in the public realm, and consider how ‘art can reveal the contestations (in public space), acknowledge the resistances and confront the omissions.’ The lab culminated with a public space show featuring the collectives and artists involved.

Participating collectives: Art in Transit (Bangalore), Desire Machine Collective (Guwhati), Hamdasti (Kolkata),  Jaaga (Bangalore), Manalmagudi Theatre Land (Chennai), Project Chaari (New Delhi), Sadak Chaap (Pune), 080 Collective (Bangalore).

Participating observers: Shiv Ahuja (New Delhi), Jayasimha Chandrashekar (Bangalore), Vivek Chockalingam (Bangalore), Bhagwati Prasad (New Delhi), Siddhant Shetty (Bangalore)