of beliefs, visions and ideas in lost and imagined spaces

A streak of light cuts through.

The mirage becomes real. It is born from a desperate need.

Like water, in times of thirst.

Chinimini Cross is a place for possibilities.

It appears and disappears: leaves a definite mark. 

Like sparks that ignite to strike back in the dark.


Chinimini Cross is a place where we find each other

As creatures of this world, wild and scared. 

Like trees, that grow wisely, fearlessly, endlessly. 


Chinmini Cross is there, if you dare to imagine it.  

A place to remember, resist and dream.

Like air, our voices and spirits will breathe.

We dream collectively of Chinmini cross. 

Considering the bleak and violent socio-political environment around us, we paused to speculate and debate around the role of an arts festival and the artist, in times like these. What could the arts provoke, what tone and form should it take?  How could we fundraise for artistic expression? Who all should have access to it? What should the arts evoke in people: empathy, confrontation, anger or mourning?  Chinmini Cross is an exercise to recognise the beauty, horror and pathos in daily life. We wish to draw attention to small acts of moral courage that subvert the borders drawn between us.To create a space of wonder and possibility that refuses to wilt away.

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